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Experience in remote capture of data in the following applications:

Raw and Wastewater monitoring

  • Open channel flow and level monitoring – rivers, sewer and storm drains.
  • Closed-pipe flow and pressure monitoring – pump station rising mains and hydro.
  • Groundwater monitoring – water level and quality.
  • Pump station monitoring – level, flow and pump status.
  • Reservoir and lake monitoring – levels, flow and water quality.
  • Road and underpass flood monitoring.

Prevailing Weather 

  • Weather Stations and prevailing weather sensors.
  • Rainfall measurement – volume and intensity.

Water quality – sampling and continuous measurement

  • On-line water quality.
  • Automated sampling.
  • Grab sampling.

Remote Visual Monitoring

  • Remote still image cameras –  wireless communications.
  • Remote video camera systems – wireless communications.

Other activities

  • Field Observations / Measurements.

Aerial surveys

  • Drone surveys


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