Project Description

Hydrogen Sulphide – H2S

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is the invisible enemy in wastewater collection systems and causes severe problems such as toxicity, noxious odours and the generation of corrosive acid which in turn causes the premature deterioration of costly assets.

Two systems are available:

Odour Detection – ppb range

A system designed for odour measurement with measurements in the ppb range.   This sensor is typically used with a weather station to determine odour dispersal.

Dissolved H2S – ppm range

We also offer a new type of microelectrochemical sensor which is able to continuously quantify dissolved H2S as well as H2S gas in an anaerobic environment and at high concentrations (ppm). The sensor is designed to work in the liquid-phase but can also be used in the gas-phase where odour is the problem.

Measuring directly in the wastewater has significant detection advantages over traditional gas-phase sensors as the measurements are unaffected by air flow and other factors thus providing continuous and more stable readings.

The sensor has low power consumption making it ideal for use with battery powered data loggers to track and trace H2S concentrations within the network or WwTW.  The sensor has also been used to control or determine the affects of ferrous sulphate dosing.

The sensing element doesn’t need replacing which is a requirement to maintain accuracy with traditional gas-phase hydrogen sulphide sensing technologies.

The sensor is ATEX certified for use within hazardous areas. Non ATEX versions and inline flow cell versions are also available.


Short term surveys: used to determine the magnitude and source of hydrogen sulphide concentrations within the wastewater collection system when used in conjunction with a battery powered telemetered data logger.

Optimised chemical dosing: Sensor can be connected to permanent or portable dosing systems to optimise chemical dosing and reduce chemical consumption.

Data driven decisions: Extend the lifespan of assets by developing a data driven asset management strategy.

Hydrogen Sulphide Sensor
Installation of remote weather station with tipping bucket rain gauge and solar power back up