Project Description

Water Level Measurement

The measurement of water levels can provide valuable insights into how drainage assets and watercourses are performing under different hydraulic conditions such as rainfall.  There are various water level measurement technologies available to suit different applications and monitoring environments.

  • Water level indicators (floats, optical and pressure switches)
  • Hydrostatic pressure sensors
  • Ultrasonic level sensors
  • Radar level sensors
  • Laser level sensors

Water level monitoring applications include:

 Trash (debris) screen monitoring

The build-up of debris on trash screens can be a cause of flooding.  Monitoring water levels upstream of the trash screen provides insight into when trash screens require cleaning and can warn when overground flooding could impact property and infrastructure.

 Monitoring of road and rail infrastructure

The monitoring of water levels in road gullies can provide an early warning of flooding.  Water level measurement combined with sedimentation detection sensors can warn when road gullies require sediment removing.

The monitoring of watercourses and rail track drainage on and around rail infrastructure can provide early insight into track and asset flooding allowing early intervention and preventing passenger delays.

 Natural and manmade watercourses

Water level monitoring in natural and manmade water courses can provide an early warning of potential flooding.


Water level monitoring at reservoirs can be used to meet regulatory requirements such as the monitoring of water levels and other measurement parameters at dams.

Wastewater Systems

Water level measurement within sewers, sewage treatment works and at other wastewater assets can provide insight into how these assets are performing and provide monitoring to meet regulatory requirements such as CSO and SSO discharges.

Pump Station wet wells, sumps, and septic tanks

Monitoring of water levels in pump station wet wells, sumps, catch pits and septic tanks provide insight into the performance of the asset, emptying cycles and overflow protection.

Level Measurement Technologies Offered
  • Water level indicators

  • Hydrostatic Pressure Sensors

  • Ultrasonic Level Sensor

  • Radar Level Sensor

  • Laser Level Sensors

Hydrostatic pressure sensor
Ultrasonic level sensor
Radar level sensor
Water level sensor