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Some examples of remote environmental monitoring of watercourses, flooding, prevailing weather condition & infrastructure monitoring of rail, road assets undertaken by us.

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Rail Drainage Remote Condition Monitoring

September 12, 2017|Cameras, Flow, Level, Remote Condition Monitoring, Surface Water Flooding|

Drainage Monitoring Weather events can be the cause of significant disruption to the rail network. Over the past eight years, 2006 – 2014, the cost attributed to weather related delays for the [...]

Road Surface Water Flooding Monitoring

September 18, 2022|Flood Risk Management, Flow, Infrastructure Monitoring, Level, Surface Water, Surface Water Flooding, Weather|

Road Surface Water Monitoring In August 2021 Aquasition deployed a flood warning system for Kingston, Sutton and Richmond Councils  as part of a South London Partnership InnOvaTe Project. Kingston, Sutton and Richmond have previously suffered [...]

Trash Screen Monitoring Systems

November 10, 2019|Cameras, Flood Risk Management, Level, Remote Condition Monitoring, Surface Water, Surface Water Flooding, Trash screens|

Trash screens are designed to prevent debris entering culverts and causing blockages which reduces the risk of flooding; however, the installation of a trash screen can also create a flood risk if not cleared [...]

Hydrogen Sulphide Odour Monitoring System

April 13, 2020|Air Quality, Hydrogen Sulphide, Odour, Odour Monitoring, Weather|

Hydrogen Sulphide Odour Monitoring System Wastewater activities such as sewerage treatment processes or pumping stations can sometimes produce smells (Odour) in the form of hydrogen sulphide.  In the past wastewater treatment facilities have been [...]

Flood warning systems for local residents.

April 13, 2020|Cameras, Flood Risk Management, Level, Surface Water|

Telemetered flood warning system provided advanced warning of potential flooding for local residents. With the growing population, an increasing demand for housing and the impacts of climate change, flooding is a significant problem and [...]

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