Aquasition were commissioned to install twenty-eight low power still image cameras across the Yorkshire Region. The installed system enables the end user to acquire images from remote locations so that the condition of the asset can be monitored without having to deploy staff to site. This prevents time being wasted on unnecessary inspection visits and provides visibility and faster reaction times during events. It also has the added benefit of reducing vehicle mileage helping to achieve the users goal of reducing their carbon footprint.

The cameras are powered via a rechargeable battery, maintained via a solar panel. Images are transmitted via the 3G /GPRS wireless network to a cloud data hosting service. As a result, the cameras can be deployed at remote locations as they are not dependent on any external infrastructure such a power or an IP connection.

Images can be captured in a variety of ways such as scheduled times, time lapse, on request or via external events such as activation via a data logger or motion detection sensor. Images can be sent to a cloud hosted data service or to the client’s own systems via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or directly to individuals via email.

In this particular application the cameras are used to monitor the operational condition of trash screens and flood gates but the technology can equally be employed in other applications such as:


– Flood monitoring
– Asset performance monitoring.
– Process monitoring.
– Construction progress monitoring.
– Environmental monitoring for long term changes.
– Geotechnical monitoring such as embankment stability.
– Combined Sewer Overflow and Storm Water discharge monitoring