Project Description


Water Level Monitoring

Water level monitoring of drainage assets for the purpose of flood risk management.

  • Open channel level monitoring – rivers, sewer and storm drains.

  • Groundwater monitoring –  borehole water level and quality.

  • Pump station monitoring – level, flow and pump status.

  • Impounding Reservoir monitoring – levels, flow and water quality.

  • Road and underpass flood monitoring.

Flow Monitoring

Flow monitoring of wastewater, storm water networks.  Rivers, streams and manmade culverts.

  • Open channel flow monitoring – rivers, sewer and storm drains.

  • Closed-pipe flow and pressure monitoring – pump station rising mains.

Flow Monitoring

Prevailing Weather Conditions

Systems for monitoring prevailing weather conditions for the purpose of flood risk management, agriculture and research.

  • Weather Stations

  • Rainfall / precipitation sensors

  • Weather Sensors – wind speed & direction, temperature, humidity, dew point, precipitation

  • Soil moisture and temperature sensors

  • Solar radiation sensors  – UV & PAR

IoT in agriculture provides grass growth forecasts

Visual Monitoring Systems

Visual monitoring systems consisting of either still image or video cameras for the purpose of asset and flood risk management.

  • Trash screen monitoring

  • Infrastructure monitoring – including rail and highway

  • Remote Condition monitoring

Odour Monitoring

Odour monitoring.  Monitoring of Hydrogen Sulphide for the purposes of public odour complaints, asset protection and research.

  • Air phase sensors for monitoring airborne odour in the pbb range to minimise public complaints

  • Water phase sensors for tracking H2S within the sewer network

  • Remote Condition monitoring

  • Dosing control