Project Description

Still image and Video camera systems

We supply a range of remote still and video cameras that deliver high quality images from remote locations where power and wired data connections are not available. These remote still and video cameras feature ultra low power consumption allow them to be powered from a 12v rechargeable battery and solar panel for all year round operation.

The camera has excellent low light performance, producing high quality colour images by day and optimised for use with IR illuminators for clear black and white night vision. A selection of optics and filters can be specified to suit the application.

Images are transferred in real time via 3G or GPRS networks, providing robust image transfer even from areas of poor mobile coverage.  Camera configuration and firmware updates can be performed over the wireless connection allowing configuration changes to be made remotely.

Images can be sent to a web hosted service or can be integrated directly into existing applications using FTP or email.  A web hosted service offers access to current and historical images and integration with time series data.  The platform also provides access for manual image requests from the cameras.

Images can be captured in a variety of ways such as scheduled intervals, on request from the web hosting service or triggered automatically to enter enhanced polling modes when controlled via an external sensor such as a water level or intrusion sensor.

A camera system can be supplied in a number of different formats to suit environmental operating conditions and budgets.

Still image camera systems can be used in a wide variety of applications and offer a lower cost solution to video cameras when scheduled or event images will suffice.

Video cameras can be used when still image cameras won’t provide the required information such as looking at how hydraulic conditions effect assets or monitoring short duration events.

Applications for remote Still and Video cameras include:

  • Trash screen monitoring.
  • Road and rail condition monitoring.
  • Control structure monitoring such as flood gates and penstocks.
  • CSO and SSO spill monitoring.
  • Landslide monitoring
  • Process monitoring.
  • Flood monitoring.
Remote Cameras