Project Description

Rainfall Measurement

Precipitation measurement (rainfall) is key to understanding flooding from over ground flows and how assets perform with a given amount of rainfall.

It is believed that the effects of climate change will increase the frequency and intensity of rainfall.  UKCIP (UK Climate Impacts Programme) estimate that climate change over the next 25 years will increase peak rainfall intensity by up to 30% and flows of larger watercourses up by 20%. This will seriously affect smaller urban catchments, leading to rapid runoff, watercourse and surface water flooding, surcharging of gullies and drains and sewer flooding.

Precipitation measurements can be obtained from a dedicated sensor or part of an automated weather station.

Precipitation data is used to provide insights into how a given amount of rainfall affects watercourses and drainage assets but can also be used to provided proactive warnings.   Data is feed into rainfall prediction software to provide accurate forecasts of potential flooding in zones of interest, hotspots and catchments, enabling  preventive measures to be taken to protect communities or assets.

Rainfall Technologies Offered
  • Tipping bucket raingauges

  • Weighing principle gauges

  • Impact precipitation gauges

  • Optical precipitation gauges

  • Weather stations

Tipping bucket raingauge