Hydrogen Sulphide Odour Monitoring System

Wastewater activities such as sewerage treatment processes or pumping stations can sometimes produce smells (Odour) in the form of hydrogen sulphide.  In the past wastewater treatment facilities have been located away from residential areas but population growth has brought residential areas closer to these facilities resulting in complaints about odour from members of the public.

Some water companies are now actively monitoring odour to provide real time warning of odour issues and provide evidence to manage complaints.

Hydrogen Sulphide odour concentrations are measure in the ppb range and weather station is used to determine wind speed and direction.   This data along with other parameters that effect odour concentrations and dispersal such as rainfall and solar radiation is transmitted every 15 minutes to a web hosted service which determines the odour concentration and dispersal pattern.

Both the odour monitoring system and weather stations provided are standalone units, utilising batteries and solar panels for power and wireless communications for off-site data transmission.   As a result, costly infrastructure such as power and phone lines are not required.  The mounting hardware is also designed in such a way that the entire system can be easily moved to other location should the monitoring requirements change.

Stations measure the following parameters:

  • Hydrogen Sulphide in ppb
  • 2D Wind speed and direction
  • Air Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Barometric pressure
  • Precipitation via tipping bucket raingauge.
  • Solar radiation UV.